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About these Resources

Here at Bard, we have spent a lot of time thinking about leadership, about sustainability, and about how to offer a graduate education that combines the practical and theoretical tools that students need to be successful. These resources are a sampling of what we offer to graduate students in order to prepare them for career success and leadership in sustainability.

Downloadable Guides

The Coming Green New Deal_Cover

The Coming Green New Deal: Restoring U.S. Environmental Policy Leadership

The possibility of a Green New Deal agenda depends critically on the level of political engagement by people like you with our states, cities and utilities, and in the electoral arena. Get the guide today to understand the history and possible future of environmental policy in the United States.


The State of Environmental Justice in 2020

This resource offers a comprehensive look at the issue of environmental justice: its history, examples of ongoing environmental justice crises, and a look at how each individual can get engaged in the fight for environmental justice. It closes with tips for those interested in building careers in sustainability.


A Guide to Graduate Programs in Sustainability

It's the 21st century, and we need sustainability leaders. This guide to Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability explores the world of sustainability careers and talks about how the Bard programs are designed to produce world class leaders with knowledge of the business, science, and policy conditions for environmental change.


A Career Guide to Jobs in Sustainability

Sustainability professionals work across the economy—in healthcare, business, social work, education, and politics. Bard has over 300 master's level graduates working in the field of sustainable business, education, and policy, and our sustainability career network continues to grow. This guide offers you a look at your options for careers in sustainability.

Crash Course Cover

Crash Course in Sustainable Development

In this digital resource, we invite you into a crash course in sustainability principles. Through these student stories from a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, you’ll get a glimpse of what you could learn in two weeks with Bard’s Center for Environmental Policy, and you’ll hear more about the education and skills you need to build a career in sustainability.

Leader in Sustain Guide Cover

How to Become a Leader in Sustainability

In this digital resource, we discuss the unique challenges of leadership for wicked problems like climate change. Leadership ought to be a collective practice, and in this resource, we share how Bard is teaching leadership to the next generation of sustainability professionals.


Guide to Getting a Master’s in Environmental Education

The fight for a greener planet rests on the necessity of education. People have to learn how we can solve this and what they can do to help. This digital resource explores the field of environmental education, talk about what makes Bard’s Master’s in Environmental Education so unique, and give you actionable ways to move toward your career in sustainability education today.


Guide to Getting an Environmental Master’s Degree

Environmental policy is about changing the rules of the game in order to protect our collective future. Explore the field of environmental policy, learn about what makes Bard’s Master’s of Science in Environmental Policy so unique, read student stories, and get tips for actionable ways to move toward your sustainability career today.

MBA of Future Cover-1

MBA of the Future

In this digital resource, we invite you to consider the current state of sustainable business, the role of business in needed social change, and the importance of a new type of business education, one that suits the needs of the 21st century and beyond. Our MBA program is designed to shape the leaders and visionaries of tomorrow, leaders who care for people, planet, and profits.


Creating a Curriculum for Mission-Driven Business Education

This paper lays out Bard’s experiment in creating a curriculum geared for business leaders managing mission-driven businesses, companies that are in business to solve social and environmental problems. Our unique business school curriculum has changed the landscape for today's MBA programs.

Video Resources

BARD_Hunters Video Teaser_Export 2-thumb

Six Sustainability Lessons from COVID-19

Watch Hunter Lovins’ insights on the COVID-19 pandemic and what this global crisis tells us about the larger sustainability crisis of climate change. She has tips for finding personal peace in the midst of this panic and shares lessons we are learning about how we can unite to tackle larger challenges.

Recorded Informational Webinar

The Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability's online informational webinar gives you all the context you need to explore our program options and learn how to apply. Featuring alumni stories and advice from Dr. Eban Goodstein, this webinar is a good step to getting to know our MBA and CEP programs.

Recorded Open House

Wanting to learn more about our classes and programs? Wishing you could have visited our MBA or CEP programs in person? We've recorded our online Open House event and done our best to offer you virtual insight into our culture, our programs, and your future at Bard.

Recorded Webinar for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

In this recorded event, a panel of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, who combined their Peace Corps service with a master's in an environmental field at Bard, discuss how they successfully transitioned from the Peace Corps to careers in sustainability.

Recorded Webinar for How to Get a Job in Sustainability

Access free recordings featuring Dr. Eban Goodstein, Director of Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College, who outlines career strategies for professionals looking to make a move into the sustainable business sector.


Recorded Webinar for Advice from Consulting Professionals

Listen to this conversation to hear from experienced consultants working across the sustainability industry on how they launched and grew their career, what tips they have for working in sustainability consulting, and what they look for in their new hires.

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 3.59.53 PM

Recorded Webinar for Advice from Climate Change Experts

Listen this conversation to hear from experienced climate change professionals working across the industry on how they launched and grew their career, what tips they have for working in climate change, and what they look for in their new hires. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 1.17.00 PM

Recorded Webinar for Advice from Environmental Education Specialists

Watch to learn how leading environmental educators launched and grew their career, what tips they have for working in environmental education, and what they look for in their new hires.