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The MBA of the Future 

What to Look for in a Cutting-Edge Business School 

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MBA of the Future:

What to Look for in a Cutting-Edge Business School

About the Guide

Our passion for sustainability is at the heart of our MBA program and the reason why we have created a cutting-edge, 21st century program of business education. We understand that the business leaders of the future and the sustainability leaders of the future are one and the same.

In this digital resource, we invite you to consider the current state of sustainable business, the role of business in needed social change, and the importance of a new type of business education, one that suits the needs of the 21st century and beyond.

This page will help you think deeply about what to look for in an MBA program, how to think about the relationships between people, planet, and profit, and how an MBA in Sustainability could translate to a successful career in business, non-profit leadership, and much more.