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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions related to Brad’s graduate admissions. Not seeing answers related to your question? For questions not answered below, please reach out to us by submitting a request for more information. 

1. Application Policies and Procedures

How do I start my application?

Visit our Applying webpage for a link to open your online application for your program of interest.

What are the application due dates?

Full information on application timelines and deadlines can be found here.

When will I receive my admissions decision?

Full information on application timelines and deadlines can be found here.

Do I need to complete two applications for a dual degree?

Yes. You must apply to, and be admitted to, both programs you’re applying for (MS/MBA, MS/MAT, MS/MEd, MS/JD).

Can I submit my application if my references haven’t submitted their recommendation?

Yes. Please remind your references that their letter is needed, but we can begin processing your application while we await the letter.

2. Application Fee

How much is the Application Fee?

At this time, the graduate school application fee is $65. You can read more about fee waiver opportunities here.

How can I get my application fee waived?

Attend one of our many events where we share information about the graduate programs or schedule a call with our Admissions Director today!

3. Financial Aid

How do I apply for financial aid?

Complete a FAFSA or International Financial Aid Application AND indicate on your application that you are applying for financial aid.

Are there any Center for Environmental Policy scholarships available?

Yes, Bard CEP offers financial assistance in the form of fellowships, scholarships, student employment, and student loans. Full information on types of financial aid options available can be found here.

Does the Bard MBA offer financial aid? What opportunities are available?

Yes, Bard MBA offers financial assistance in the form of fellowships, scholarships, student employment, and student loans. Full information on types of financial aid options available can be found here.

Are there student employment opportunities?

Yes! We have a wide variety of student employment opportunities ranging from TA and RA positions to working with our marketing, sustainability, and leadership teams. Read more here.

4. Prerequisites and Standardized Tests Scores

Are GRE/GMAT scores required as part of the application?

Do I qualify for a GRE/GMAT waiver?

I know that GRE/GMAT scores are not required, but will submitting scores strengthen my application?

No, unless an applicant’s GPA is under 3.0. If you are an applicant with an undergraduate GPA of under 3.0 and have previously taken the GRE/GMAT, please submit your official score report to the Bard GPS Admissions Office for consideration. If you have not yet taken the GRE/GMAT, the Bard GPS Admissions office will be in touch with you to set up an alternative skills assessment exam to ensure academic readiness.

Are there prerequisites for the Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability?

Yes. Each program has different prerequisite requirements. Students DO NOT have take these prerequisite courses in order to apply and be admitted to our programs. Admitted students who have not completed the prerequisites will be offered conditional acceptance and will need to complete the courses prior to enrollment. 

A grade of B- or higher in prerequisite courses is required to enroll in our programs. The required courses for each program can be found below: 

  • The M.S. degrees require students to have completed two science courses intended for science majors (biology, chemistry, ecology, etc.). Students who have not completed these courses must complete them at another institution, as they are not provided by the Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability.
  • The M.Ed. degree requires students to have completed two science courses intended for science majors (biology, chemistry, ecology, etc.) and college-level algebra (or higher-level math). Students who have not completed these courses must complete them at another institution, as they are not provided by the Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability.

  • The MBA degree requires students to have completed introductory accounting and microeconomics courses. Students who have not completed these courses at the time of acceptance will take the courses through Bard MBA via online summer courses taught by Bard faculty.

Is proof of English proficiency required for non-native English speakers.

Students who attended an U.S. undergraduate college do not need to provide additional proof of English proficiency. For students who did not attend a U.S. college, TOEFL or IELTS scores. Full application requirements for international students can be found here

5. Transcripts

How do I send my official transcript to the Bard CEP/MBA Admissions Office?

You should contact the Registrar from your school(s) to request official transcripts be sent to the Bard GPS Admissions via physical mail (click here for our office mailing address) or email sent directly from the issuing institution to gpsadmissions@bard.edu). Official transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution to Bard and arrive via secure email link or in sealed/stamped envelopes.

Are digital transcripts accepted?

Yes, you can have the issuing institution send official digital transcripts to gpsadmissions@bard.edu.

Do non-English transcripts need to be translated to English?

Yes, they need to be translated into English.

6. Tracking Your Application

How do I know if my application materials have been received?

You can monitor the receipt of your application materials via your Applicant Status Page. You will also receive confirmation from the GPA Admissions Team confirming receipt of transcripts and scores (if submitted).

How do I track my application status?

To monitor your application status, you can log in to your Applicant Status Page with the same credentials you set up to access the application. This page will include the status of your application checklist and other notifications. 

7. Decisions and Reapplying

I have been admitted to the program — what next?

  1. If you applied for financial aid, you will receive your financial aid notification within a week of your admission decision.

  2. You will be invited to attend an Admitted Students Reception to meet other applicants as well as students and alumni of the programs.

  3. You will be asked to reply to our offer of admission within one month. To accept admission, you will need to complete the reply forms outlined in your letter and pay the enrollment deposit of $515.

  4. Once you accept the offer of admission, our Program Team will be contact with next steps for enrollment.

Does Bard offer deferred enrollment?

Yes, admitted students may opt to defer enrollment for one year. The enrollment deposit of $515 is required to reserve your seat in the following year’s cohort.

I’ve been placed on the waitlist. What are my next steps?

The Admissions Team will be in touch with waitlisted applicants as seats become available in the program. If no seat becomes available, waitlisted applicants will be offered the option to accept deferred enrollment for the following year.

If I am denied admission, when will I be able to reapply to the program?

You may apply for any future application cycles. You are encouraged to stay connected to the Admissions Office on strategies to strengthen your candidacy.

8. Tours and Calls

Can I come visit even during COVID?

While we have paused in-person visits to adhere to Covid-19 safety guidelines, we have a number of virtual events planned for the 2020-2021 academic year. We are monitoring Covid-19 updates daily and will alert prospective students when we open in-person visit opportunities back up.

How do I schedule a call?

Simple! Just book a meeting through our calendar. Click here to schedule a call with our Admissions Director, Katie Boyle.

If you are unable to find a time that works for you on Katie's calendar, please feel free to schedule a call with our Admissions Manager, Margo Bogossian. 

Can I talk to an alum or current student? How about faculty members?

Yes, of course! Click here for MBA and here for CEP to view our alumni profiles who are available to chat with prospective students.

If you would like to be introduced to an alum or current student, please email us at gpsadmissions@bard.edu so that we can get you connected. 

9. Career Outcomes and Curriculum

What types of jobs do your alumni land upon graduation?

Our alumni are working around the globe in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to drive sustainability at all scales. Bard is transparent about career success. Our Alumni LookBook provides details on the jobs of our alumni. Flip through and let us know who you'd like to chat with today. See MBA Lookbook or CEP LookBook.

Do you offer concentrations and electives?

  1. In the MBA program, we offer 2 optional concentrations — Circular Value Chain Management and Impact Finance. 
  2. In the M.S. and M.Ed. programs, the students define their concentrations via the 4-6 months professional internship and Capstone Project.

10. Graduate Program Information

How do I know what program is right for me?

We created this Guide to Graduate Programs in Sustainability to help students understand the differences between our M.S., MBA, and M.Ed. programs. We would also be happy to advise you on your options schedule a call today to help you identify the best program(s) for you!

Are international applicants eligible for admission to these programs?

Yes. International students applying to the M.S.  or M.Ed. programs are eligible for admission and can qualify for an F-1 student visa. International students interested in the MBA program are not eligible for an F-1 student visa due to the hybrid structure, so they must either be lawful permanent residents, temporary residents, asylees, refugees, or possess certain nonimmigrant statuses that allow for academic study in the U.S.

Am I qualified to apply to the Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability?

Bard GPS welcomes applicants from all academic and professional backgrounds. Applicants must have earned a college degree prior to enrolling in August OR be part of a 3+2 program. Bard offers flexible options to complete prerequisite coursework and can offer students with a GPA below a 3.0 an option to demonstrate their academic readiness through a skills assessment.

What kind of student is Bard looking for?

You! Bard’s Graduate Programs in Sustainability enroll motivated students who want to change the world. We invite applications from students of all academic and professional backgrounds.  Our students range from those just graduating college to those who have been in the workforce for 30+ years, and from dancers to scientists to finance professionals to climate activists. We welcome applications from diverse candidates—representing all races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identifications, abilities, socioeconomic statuses, and political affiliations. We believe that everyone needs to be part of creating a sustainable future and look forward to reviewing your application. 

How big are classes?

Bard’s Center for Environmental Policy classes (M.S. and M.Ed. programs) range in size from a total of 12-20 first-year students. These cohorts are made up of 3-6 environmental education students,  8-12 environmental policy students, and 4-8 climate science and policy students. The MBA program enrolls first-year cohorts of 40-50 students per year. The cohorts are split into sections to ensure a high-touch, small class experience.

Still have questions?
Let's chat!

We love to chat one-on-one with aspiring change agents. Our team is happy to schedule a call to discuss your sustainability career goals and tell you more about our various programs. We can also get you connected with an alum, professor, or student doing work you are interested in learning more about.