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About the Downloadable Guide

This resource provides an exploration of the importance of U.S. environmental policy, a look at the rollbacks in environmental protection in the Trump era, and suggestions for the path forward for 21st century environmental leadership in the United States.

Should a pro-environment political majority emerge in Washington, D.C. following the November 2020 election, then it is easy to imagine a reversal of most of the Trump-era environmental rollbacks, including the U.S. rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. However, this would not be American leadership: it would only restore the pre-2016 situation.

By contrast, a Green New Deal that integrates rapid reductions in pollution with a justice and jobs agenda, would be a bold new approach to attacking 21st century environmental challenges like climate change. The possibility of a Green New Deal agenda depends critically on the level of political engagement by people like you with our states, cities and utilities, and in the electoral arena.

Get the full guide today to understand the history and possible future of environmental policy in the United States.

About the Bard Center for Environmental Policy

Good environmental policy is ultimately a blend of the practical and theoretical. Whether you are drawn toward a theoretical career in policy creation, a practical career in policy implementation, or a data-driven career in climate science, the  Bard Center for Environmental Policy specializes in training people to lead on environmental issues.