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This event is in the past. Please check for more events by visiting our comprehensive event page.


Curious about the Weekend Residency structure? 

Attend a Residency and have the opportunity to sit in on classes, meet the faculty and director, and get to know the current students. 

About the Event

The Bard MBA program is structured around monthly Weekend Residencies with regular online instruction in between. This low-residency design allows full-time Bard MBA students to continue working up to 30 hours a week or to complete multiple internships over the two-year course of their study. The part-time program, completed over three years, accommodates students working 40 hours a week or more. Residences are held once a month over four-day (Fri-Mon) weekends for full-time students and three-day weekends for part-time students. 

Over these weekends, we invite prospective students to eat lunch with current students, attend a class, ask questions of admissions staff, and have coffee with Director Eban Goodstein. 



150 Broadway, 20th Floor

New York, NY 10038

Prospective students: Please email Caitlin O'Donnell with any additional questions.