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Worldwide Teach-In Climate / Justice 30.3.2022


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NEXT INFO SESSIONS, WEDS 1/12/22, Multiple Times

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Or contact us to set up a 1:1 information session and learn how you can get involved.


On 30.3.22 join 1,000 Universities, Colleges,

K-12 Schools, Faith Communities

Calling all Climate-Concerned Educators, Students and Community Members! On March 30, 2022, help mobilize half a million people,  in-person and online,  in a one-day WORLWIDE TEACH-IN on climate solutions and  justice in the transition. We have easy-to-organize models for teach-ins for colleges, universities, high school/middle school, K-6 and faith communities.  Engage hundreds of members of your campus and community in critical dialogue on just climate solutions. 

Join the next 30-minute virtual information session to learn how to easily organize a three-hour teach-in with your campus or community.  And watch these short videos:

Students: Apply now for our on-line internship, Social Media for Climate Action.

          Sign-Up With Your Intent to Hold a Teach-In Today!

Your event will then appear on our interactive map. You don't need to have any specifics or even a confirmed date. Your teach-in can be a one-hour event, three-hours or day-long. You can add full event details later. For now, just plant your flag and let others know there will be an event on your campus or in your community on or around 3/30/22. The Teach-In will start to go viral when people see events popping up all over the world-- please do sign up today! 

Time is short: there is no more important work for educators at this critical moment for humanity. Focus the world on urgent action to stabilize the climate. 

Solve Climate By 2030

Beyond Climate Despair: Realistic Optimism

The very good news on climate is that clean energy solutions-- solar, wind, battery storage, electric vehicles and more— have gotten cheap and are getting cheaper. In many markets, these solutions now cost substantially less then the polluting, fossil fuel alternatives. Scaling up climate solutions is increasingly about smoothing the paths for adoption, and much of this work needs to happen locally within cities and states across the world.  Local action around climate solutions can open the road to solve the energy side of climate over the next decade. On 30.3.22 help focus the world on what we can all do to lead the change. 

The WORLDWIDE TEACH-IN is a project of the Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College in New York, USA,  in conjunction with partners worldwide and the Open Society University Network






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