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Inspiring Action

In addition to the list of resources on our Models page, here you can find inspiration from last year. This includes our complete report on last year's World Wide Teach-In which features short descriptions of over 300 events! 

While we offer numerous options to participate in the work to #SolveClimateBy2030 we are always looking for more partners, model ideas, and ways to expand opportunities to the global community of organizers we have. 

Please email solveclimate2030@gmail.com to share ideas and interest in participating in our movement, and check out our upcoming trainings and events to meet the team! 


2022 Report
Summaries of Teach-Ins Using Various Models.

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Teach-In How To Sheets

You can download, save, and edit these sheets to plan your Teach-In. 

Below are posters for spreading the word about hosting a Teach-In we hope to soon have these in various languages for download. You can check out a full set of posters, graphics, and logos in this 2023 Logos Folder.


Talking About Climate

The juried competition of The Worldwide Teach-in on Climate and Justice  is now complete.  The competition involved two rounds of judging. We received 40 entries. One set of judges selected 10 semi-finalists. Another set of judges selected the 3 winners. The judges included playwrights, actors, professors and students. 

The Worldwide Teach-In and the playwrights encourage students and others to perform these plays as part of your Teach-In. Please direct any questions to Contact.SolveClimate@gmail.com and we will share them with the playwrights.

The selected plays are: 

In "All the Way Back”, Donna Latham, a feminist playwright from Chicago, IL writes about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey where emotions run high as Houston residents seek refuge and come together for a common goal. Latham writes an interesting dialogue of a diverse set of strangers facing the same crisis, where themes of climate denialism and conflicting viewpoints set the characters apart, though we are reminded of their shared humanity towards the end. Read the full play here, and visit this link for a Q&A with the writer.

In “What Lies in the Fire”, E. Salvador Chapman, a student at the Institute for American Indian Arts in Sante Fe, NM touches on themes of Indigenous knowledge, religion, and wildfires to tell a story about a futuristic world in which society has learned to rebuild and be resilient in the face of climate disasters. An audience in 2120 watches a recording of two firefighters in the American Southwest in 2020 post-wildfires as they search for signs of life that culminate in an important lesson for the future. Read the full play here, and visit this link for a Q&A with the writer.


When Birds Fly Away”, written in native Urdu, is by Maha Hasan, an environmental engineer and trained theater and screen actor from Pakistan. In the play, an anxious old man strikes up a conversation with a strange young man who shares his bread with some wild birds. Slowly, the dialogue between them unravels how the two of them and the wild birds suffer a similar fate because of climate change. The play unravels the intricacies of what it means to be uprooted from one's ecosystem and provokes a discussion on the correlation between climate change and social inequity.  Read the full play in Urdu here, and in English here, and visit this link for a Q&A with the writer. View on Google Drive


More Resources

Faith Resources:

Climate Emergency - Resources exploring how religious communities are engaging with climate crisis.

CISNA Teach-In 

Sacred Season Resource Collection - EN - Google Docs
List of resources for Baha’í, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Interfaith/Spiritual, Jewish, Muslim, and Shinto practitioners

Issues: Where Conversations Happen and Values Emerge- Blog

Islamic Society of North America: Green Initiative 

Yale Forum on Religion and EcologyClimate and faith perspectives from many world religions.



Teachers Guides here for:   K-8 / Civic Engagement / Anthropology / Art / Biology / Business / Chemistry / Computer Science / Dance / Economics / Engineering / English / Film / Geography / Geosciences/ Earth Sciences / Government / International Affairs / History / Language General / Literature / Mathematics / Media/Communication / Music / Philosophy / Physics / Politics / Psychology / Religion / Sociology / Spanish / Statistics / Theater

SDG Toolkit for Curriculum Development


Soil vs. Dirt (Recorded Lecture with Fred Magdoff)

The Roots of Regenerative Solutions (Recorded Q&A with Karen Washington)

Biology’s Role in Sustaining the Planet (Recorded Lecture with Ridge Shinn)

Regenerative Agriculture Basics (Recorded Q&A with Ed Huling)

East Meets West on Climate Change (Recorded Discussion with Archarya Prashant)

Education for Sustainable Development Youtube Channel 

Bullfrog Communities collection of Climate Films for High School and Higher Ed 

Gen Z Mental Health: Climate Emotions is a short documentary that explores the mental health impacts of young adults worldwide as a result of the climate crisis, and considers what resilience means when fighting for the right to a livable planet. The film captures the emotions of a generation that may be frightened, but is anything but hopeless, saving room for stories of love, community connections, and healing. https://www.climatementalhealth.net/genzfilm
Net Zero Speaks with John Paul Jose, climate activist Komal Mittal interviews John Paul, an environmental leader from India. Raised in an agricultural family that relies on the earth and nature to survive, John Paul has experienced first-hand the impacts of extreme weather events and ecological destruction. 



Climate Science and Climate Risk: A Primer, K. Emanuel, MIT, 2016.

Climate Change Evidence & Causes Update 2020, National Academy of Sciences and The Royal Society.

Bio4Climate Resources for the Worldwide Teach-In - Google Doc

The Book of Hope by Jane Goodall and Douglas Abrams. Our discussion looked at hope in the context of the climate emergency and the most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Listen to David Blockstien, Ph.D. speak about this book.

Climate Change 2021, The Physical Science Basis, Summary for Policymakers, Working Group I, IPCC

Climate Change 2022, Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability, Summary for Policymakers, Working Group II, IPCC

Climate Stories Project is an educational and artistic forum for sharing personal stories about the changing climate


Climate Change is a Justice Issue – These 6 Charts Show Why. S. Klinsky, The Conversation, Nov 3, 2021

Climate change is a justice issue – these 6 charts show why - Blog

Climate Justice: A Summary Post.


SkepticalScience, Explaining Climate Change Science & Rebutting Global Warming Misinformation

RealClimate, Climate Science from Climate Scientists


Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network, Committed to Climate and Energy Education

NASA Vital Signs of the Planet, Global Climate Change Resources for Educators

USEPA Climate Change Resources for Educators and Students

NOAA Climate.gov, Teaching Climate

Climate Change and a Sustainable Earth: "A new textbook entitled “Climate Change and a Sustainable Earth” was published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing on March 2022. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the book combines the principles of changing climate with specialized fields of the Water-Energy-Food-Health (WEFH) Nexus to examine how the Earth operates as an integrated system. It can be used at introduction-level courses in high school, undergraduate, and graduate programs, or as a scientific reference book. More detailed information can be founded from following website".

https://psu.pb.unizin.org/communitiesincrisis/- A compilation of publications has begun in the Communities in Crisis entries in Pressbooks, an accessible open educational platform for publishing student work.  In case you haven’t heard of it, Pressbooks is free and accessible and streamlines the copyright process.  Pressbooks allows us to categorize entries by topic, for example drought, sea level rise, or ocean acidification.  Every entry is also a point on a map so they can be searched geographically.  Our goal is to ultimately cover the globe and present the full array of threats on communities.  At the same time, the book gives students the opportunity to showcase their work in an accessible setting and they are pretty jazzed about this


More K-8 Resources:

 English / Spanish / French / Arabic / Portuguese / Russian / Japanese / Chinese / Korean / Hindi.


More MS/HS Resources:

SDG Toolkit for Curriculum Development

En-ROADS FAQs and Community Forums: https://support.climateinteractive.org/

En-ROADS User Guide: https://docs.climateinteractive.org/

En-ROADS: https://www.climateinteractive.org/tools/en-roads/

Register your En-ROADS event: https://www.climateinteractive.org/tools/en-roads/register-event/

Global Dialogs / Solve Climate By 2030.  Webinars on climate solutions from all over the world in multiple languages.

Project Drawdown: Explore resources for students, professionals, and communities from a leading resource on climate solutions.

Climate Change Course:  An interactive website full of resources for designing a class around climate change. 

Environmental & Climate Change Art - Environmental Graphiti 

Posters and Social Media Posts for Broadcasting

We have a folder of resources available to you with our logo, color and branding guide, and some drawn graphic assets to help in the publicity of your events/actions. You can also find our regional Social Media account within the brand guide, be sure to message that account to share any posts you make! 

Climate Change Song developed by 2022 Social Media Interns: 

Audio Link

Lyrics by Faith Caubang, Hannah Beraquit, Carlo Perete, Alec Buenaventura
Arranged by Alec Buenaventura

Is this what it means for us to keep living?
To witness the world slowly dying
Why don’t you open your eyes, open your eyes, open your eyes
Why don't you go heed signs, go heed the signs, go heed the signs

Temperature's rising, more than we can bear
Fossil fuels burned; shouldn't we care?
Carbon emissions increase, it’s harder to breathe, while Governments retreat
Why don’t you open your eyes, open your mind, heed all the signs?Will we wait for our plants to die?
Will we wait for our waters to dry?
Before we make a stand
and fight hand-in-hand

So Let us rise up, for climate justice now
Let us fight for our right for a brighter today
Let us rise up, nothing can stop us now
Head's up, take a stand, let us lead the way... TO CHANGE CLIMATE CHANGE

Wake up and realize, there is no Planet B,
So how about we stop, think about our society
Why don't we go start a change, save the world we've estranged, for our future's sake
Let us start it today, no room for delay, you know there's a way

We will rise up, for climate justice now
We will fight for our right for a brighter today
We will rise up, nothing can stop us now
Head's up, take a stand, let us lead the way... TO CHANGE CLIMATE CHANGEBRIDGE
It's time to take our chance, and start a revolution
It's time to build a home for the next generation
Stand for the oppressed, fight for social equity
Hope inside our heart; we will make a legacy

We will rise up, for climate justice now
We will fight for our right for a brighter today
We will rise up, nothing can stop us now
Head's up, take a stand, let us lead the way...
We will rise up, for climate justice now
We will fight for a better  tomorrow
We will rise up, nothing can break us down
Onward, up in arms, let us be the way... TO CHANGE CLIMATE CHANGE