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After 3.30.22

Thank you for participating

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Worldwide Teach-In on Climate and Justice. We hope that you are inspired to take action for climate restoration and to advance climate justice. Here are some ways to be involved.

Please fill out an evaluation of your local Teach-In.

Please send additional recommendations of content for this page to SolveClimate2030@gmail.com 

Now What? 


  • Join an organization working for Climate Justice. (see examples for Everyone below)
  • Ask your teacher to #MakeClimateAClass (see examples for teachers below) 
  • Urge your college or school system to make climate justice a required part of the curriculum
  • Ask your university administration to join the University Climate Change Coalition
  • Ask your university president or chancellor to make a formal commitment to carbon neutrality by signing onto at least one of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments, and join the Climate Leadership Network.
  • Ask your university or school system to divest from fossil fuels
  • Encourage your local school system and local government to electrify its bus fleet, power all schools by solar, wind or geothermal energy and institute an energy efficiency and conservation plan.
  • Find out how to make sustainability and climate justice part of your career plans
  • Apply to participate in The C2C Fellows Network, offered through the Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College in New York - an international program for undergraduates and recent graduates aspiring to leadership work in sustainable politics, NGO’s and business. C2C’s intensive, interactive skills-based virtual workshops teach skills they don't teach at university, skills to change the future.  There is no cost to attend. 
  • Consider continuing your education at our Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College in New York, USA, 



  • Talk with everyone about the climate emergency and the need to take action NOW
  • Learn about Climate Justice and how you can help to advance Climate Justice
  • Watch 200 Global Climate Dialogs from the Solve Climate By 2030 project.  Webinars on climate solutions from all over the world in multiple languages.
  • Follow the social media channels of the Worldwide Teach-In on Climate and Justice
  • Join an organization working for Climate Justice
  • Develop a personal Action Plan to move yourself and your household to carbon neutrality.
    • Your home energy sources, efficiency and conservation
    • Your personal transportation and travel
    • Your consumption and waste including your diet
    • Your property
  • Make every day Earth Day
  • Encourage your community, your employer, your faith institution and any other organization you participate in to develop and implement a Climate Action Plan for carbon neutrality
  • Work towards ecological approaches for carbon sequestration and reduction of greenhouse gases
  • Encourage public officials, and political candidates to make specific commitments to climate justice
  • Get involved in political campaigns
  • Register for volunteer opportunities and other activities either planning or attending during April on the Earth Month Map to help the public find your events and connect your efforts to the global movement.
  • Become an Earth Day partner to gain access to resources, support, and opportunities to deepen your impact in both your community and worldwide.
  • Vote